Russian town is under siege from bear invasion

Russian town is under siege from gang of more than 30 hungry bears

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The town of Luchegorsk is surrounded by crowds of hungry bears.

Russian town of Luchegorks, close to the Chinese border, which has population of 20,000 is under attack from nearly three dozen ravenous bears. Residents are said to be terrified and unable to venture outside.

Siberian Times has reported that one man has been killed by the bears.

Eight Asian black bears have been killed by police using their handguns, while they were terrorising the town in search of food.

Loudspeakers warned people 'not to leave their houses for their own safety', reported The Siberian Times.

“Our hunters say that they looked at the area from a helicopter, there are crowds of these bears, like army units,” a witness told the newspaper.

Police are shooting the bears, using their car sirens to scare them away and the fire brigade has been using water to force the bears away from the town.

The bear blockade in this settlement of 20,000, has been underway since early August.

Bear attacked a man who was walking his dog in the district of Luchegorsk. The man's arm was severely injured.

Despite they are mainly herbivores, the bears can be very aggressive towards humans and are known to trap and kill them.

Pavel Fomenko, World Wide Fund for Nature (WFF) coordinator, said the reason for the attacks was the lack of food in forests where bears live.

"There are no nuts for eating this year. And there are problems with acorns in some places," he said referring to the bears' staple food.



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