Stats show over 168 million children workers across world

Global number of children in child labour reported over 168 million, more than half of them in hazardous work

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

International Labour Organisation (ILO) has announced the global number of children in child labour is over 168 million, adding that more than half of them, 85 million, are in hazardous work.

On June 12, the ILO published a report regarding the child labour. Corinne Vargha, official of the ILO, gave information about the 2015 report of ‘’World Report On Child Labour’’ at a press meeting held in the UN’s Geneva office.

Vargha said approximately 30 percent of the children in the low-income countries start working at the age of 15 and there are 120 million child workers between the ages 5 and 14.

47.5 million children, age ranged between 15 and 17, work in hazardous works.

‘’Many child labourers do not attend school at all. Others combine school and work but often to the detriment of their education. Lacking adequate education and skills, as adults former child labourers are more likely to end up in poorly paid, insecure work or to be unemployed,’’ says the report.

It is a high probability that their own children will end up in child labour too in turn.  

Azfar Khan, an ILO official, said Asia-Pacific region ranks first in children workers with approximately 78 million. It is followed by Sub-Saharan Africa region with 59 million children workers.

He added that children workers mostly work in agriculture sector.

According to the report, nearly 500,000 children are forced to work as soldiers by militant groups and children are kidnapped and forced to use guns in countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria.

The number of the children workers in 2010 was about 246 million, and now global number of them is around 168 million.

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