Stressed out? This new Japanese therapy may be your answer

The therapy involves being tightly wrapped up in sheets of cloth in a weird shape. It is said to evoke a feeling of relaxation in a matter of minutes.

Courtesy of: @yayoikatayama
Courtesy of: @yayoikatayama

Images of Japanese people tightly wrapped up in a weird shape have already gone viral.

Updated Jan 23, 2017

If you are stressed out and happen to be in Japan, “Otonamaki” may provide you the kind of relaxation that your body has long been craving for.

This new Japanese therapy, in which people are wrapped up in sheets of cloth, is said to ease tension in the body.

Images of Japanese people tightly wrapped up on the floor have already gone viral on social media.

Mayu Yoshida gave it a shot in Tokyo to find out its effectiveness.