Swiss man tours world on solar powered electric bicycle

Swiss man touring world in solar powered electric bicycle takes stop in Manisa, Turkey

Photo by: Anadolu Agency
Photo by: Anadolu Agency

Swiss cyclist David Brandenberger, who is travelling on a world tour with a custom made solar powered bicycle, takes a break in Manisa, Turkey.

Updated Feb 15, 2016

Swiss cyclist David Brandenberger, 46, who is travelling the world with his custom solar powered bicycle, has taken a stop in Manisa, a city in Turkey’s Aegean province.

Brandenberger told local media that he designed a four metre long trailer, banked with solar panels, at the rear of his three wheeled bicycle to travel the world while still conserving Earth.

The lengthy trailer enables him to carry a guitar along with photography equipment.

During his venture, begun July last year, Brandenberger will follow the historic Silk Road network to China, foreseeing his journey to last some 10 years.

Brandenberger, having travelled 8,000km to date, said the most significant problem of his journey is finding a parking spot with his five metre long bicycle.

“My actual job is opticianry, but the idea of travelling the world makes me very happy”, he said.

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