Tiny Cuban town gets social on its own version of Facebook

The platform Gaspar Social is illegal but luckily for its creators, authorities are looking the other way for now.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Young Cubans use WiFi on their cell phones at a park in Gaspar, a small town in Ciego de Avila province in central Cuba.

Cuba is one of the least net-connected countries in the world. Internet access is restricted, the speed is excruciatingly slow, dissident sites are blocked and all internet services are provided by the state.

But in spite of the obstacles, four entrepreneurs in a rural part of the country have created a social network which they say is their answer to Facebook.

Gaspar Social shares its name with the town where it was created in Ciego de Avila province, in central Cuba. About 500 of Gaspar’s almost 8,000 residents use it.

TRT World’s Adefemi Akinsanya has more on Gaspar.

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