3 Israeli soldiers alleged in rape case

The indictment of three IDF soldiers' raping a fellow female soldier raised concerns over increasing complaints and offenses in the Israeli army

Photo by: ynet
Photo by: ynet

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Three Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers are accused of rape, sodomy, breach of privacy, Haaretz reported.

The case was expanded on Thursday to include a fourth soldier, Dean Tawil, who is also suspected of rape in the same case and has previously been a part of three different rape cases against female soldiers previously. 

The names of the soldiers are usually disclosed by the military, but IDF has decided to publish Tawil’s name since he was a serial offender.

According to the file in the military court, one male soldier offered the female soldier to lie with him in a gas station room. The female soldier refused. Later on three soldiers came in, among whom Tawil was also present. 

The female soldier tried to protect herself from them. wo soldiers left the room and started watching Tawil and the female soldier from outside. Tawil forcibly raped the female soldier. She tried to escape but Tawil had locked the door. 

Tawil left the room after he raped her. Then the first soldier came in and also raped the sobbing female soldier. Tawil filmed the second rape on his phone which he deleted later.

Last month, after the soldiers’ brutality was made public by commanders, condemning the case, Israeli Air Force chief General Amir Eshel said that “The way commanders dealt with this incident is correct and in line with the spirit of the force. The incident will be thoroughly investigated, justice will be done and we will learn and improve. Commanders continue to be accessible to the soldier and her family with warmth and sensitivity. We wish to clarify in the sternest possible terms — there will be zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.”

Rape complaints and offenses in the Israeli army have increased in recent years. There were 777 complaints in 2012; the number rose to 930 in 2013; and 1,073 in 2014.

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