3 Turkish soldiers killed by DAESH in Syria

DAESH rockets were launched at two Turkish tanks operating in the Wuquf district of northern Syria on Tuesday.

Photo by: Turkish Armed Forces
Photo by: Turkish Armed Forces

Turkish Armed Forces fire artillery from Howitzer T-155 Fırtınas against DAESH targets along the Syrian border.

Three Turkish soldiers were killed and five injured on Tuesday by terror group DAESH in northern Syria, a statement by Turkey's Armed Forces (TAF) confirmed.

“Rockets were launched at two Turkish tanks operating in Wuquf district on Tuesday. During the clashes with DAESH terrorists, three soldiers were killed and five others wounded," the statement read.

The injured were airlifted for treatment to hospitals in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Two fighters from the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) were killed and two injured in the same area, the TAF added.

Turkey launched Operation Euphrates Shield to drive DAESH away from its border on August 24, when FSA forces backed by Turkish artillery, tanks and air power liberated Jarablus in northern Syria.

On Saturday, Turkish tanks crossed the border further to the west to remove DAESH from all the territory facing the frontier.

Tuesday saw 44 DAESH targets hit by howitzer fire, the statement said, bringing the total number of targets hit to 437 since the operation was launched 14 days ago.

The military said targets around Baraghedeh were struck before the FSA took Wuquf and neighbouring villages.