A dozen Palestinian teachers detained for striking

Palestinian police detain teachers for organising school strike in protest over unfulfilled pledge to raise salaries

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Palestinian teachers on strike for higher wages.

Palestinian police have arrested about a dozen teachers over a two-day school strike, Palestinian teachers have said.

The protests comes after the Palestinian Authority broke their promise made in 2013 to grant a 10 percent raise to teachers' salaries.

Palestinian teacher Yousef Badran of Hebron said on Wednesday that "all we demand is a decent life."

About 20,000 teachers demonstrated this week in Ramallah outside the prime minister’s office, said Badran.

The Palestinian Authority is suffering from financial problems and struggles to pay government employees.

Local officials explained the detentions by saying that the strike was carried out illegally.

The Palestinian Authority has been silent over the events. 

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