A peaceful Ramadan in Benghazi

Despite rubble lining the streets of Benghazi, many who left to escape fighting have decided to return and begin rebuilding their lives.

Photo by: (AFP)
Photo by: (AFP)

Life is slowly returning to normal in Benghazi and the faithful have an opportunity to celebrate Ramadan with the old traditions.

It's been six years since Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown, but the promised peace has yet to come.

Rival militias and three different governments are still battling for control of the country. However, Benghazi, a hot spot for much of the unrest, is enjoying a more peaceful Ramadan this year.

"After the liberation, it's safe, and Ramadan now is not like last year's Ramadan,” says resident Saleh Al Tira. “Now it's better, thank God, and we are comfortable."

TRT World’s Chelsea Carter reports.