Abandoned hotel opens its doors to Iraqis fleeing Daesh

The historic hotel was once the summer resort of choice for royals and diplomats visiting Iraq. Now it is home to dozens of Iraqis displaced by the Mosul conflict.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Tens of thousands of people have streamed out of west Mosul after the latest phase of the battle to retake the city from Daesh began on February 25, 2017.

It's just bricks and mortar but Sarsank Hotel, known as the "stone hotel” is one of the most important witnesses to the history of Iraq.

Since it was established in 1951, the hotel has hosted many high-profile figures — from Middle Eastern royals to diplomats. Its royal penthouse was even refurbished by Iraq's ousted leader, the late Saddam Hussein. However, after the 1991 Kurdish uprising in Iraq, the hotel fell into disuse.

Now, although it is falling apart, it has become home to Iraqis fleeing the war against Daesh in western Mosul.

TRT World 's Ben Said has more on the historic hotel's new visitors.



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