Aid workers say air strike hits aid trucks in Syria, kills 7

Aid workers say apparent air strikes hit humanitarian aid trucks killing seven, wounding ten people in northern Syria

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

People trying to extinguish fire after aid trucks hit by appearent air strikes

A humanitarian aid convoy was hit in northern Syria just south of Turkish border killing seven people, aid workers said on Wednesday.

A video taken by aid workers showed burning trucks as they tried to extinguish it.

Local sources in Azez in northern Aleppo told Anadolu Agency that seven people were killed and 10 people were wounded in the strike that burned 20 trucks.

“Our teams helped to extinguish the fire... The trucks do not belong to us and there is no information on who bombed them,” Mustafa Ozbek from Istanbul based Humanitarian Relief Foundation told Reuters.

People trying to put the fire out were heard saying “Air strikes by Russian war planes. The Russian aggressor is targeting the city of Azaz,” in the video.

The incident came a day after a Russian warplane was downed by Turkey over violations of Turkish airspace.

Russia have been conducting air strikes in Syria, mostly targeting opposition groups fighting against forces loyal to Bashar al Assad.


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