Air strikes in Syria kill eight White Helmets activists

The civil defence workers were killed in a regime air strike in Kafr Zeita town of northern Hama province in one of the worst attacks against the group.

Photo by: AP Archive
Photo by: AP Archive

White Helmets operates in the opposition-held parts of Syria where air strikes have intensified recently.

At least eight Syrian civil defence workers were killed when an air strike hit their office in the town of Kafr Zeita in the northern Hama province, the rescue service said on Saturday.

Known as the White Helmets, the rescue service operates in the opposition-held parts of Syria. 

"Rescue workers are buried under the debris of their centre. Those who have been helping the wounded are now now killed," said Hadi Abdullah, a Syrian activist. 

While we were coming here to document this bombing a Russian jet targeted us with cluster bombs. One of the civilians was wounded, no one was there to rescue him so we had to do it ourselves — Hadi Abdullah, activist

The air strike was one of the worst against the White Helmets. With Bashar al Assad's regime trying to push the opposition rebels out of Hama, the bombings have intensified.  

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