Ajnad Misr claims responsibility for Egyptian Media City electricity towers bombing

Six handmade bombs planted under electricity towers responsible of operating Egyptian Media Production City Nearby Cairo

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The bomb’s explosion caused the two towers to collapse leaving all TV and Radio channels aired from the city in total blackout for hours.

The militant group, Ajnad Misr, declared responsibility for the attack shortly after designated as a terrorist group by the Egyptian government. Ajnad Misr was first founded in 2013 with a mission of “fighting and defying” the Egyptian army and police forces as they claim all belong to an unlawful government.

The high pressure electricity towers are situated outside the media city itself, however the specificity of the operation pushed the head of the primary police investigation to suspect the attack being an “inside job” because there are hundreds of towers around the city, all unmarked and roughly four kilometers away.

However the two towers that feed the Nile SAT satellite and the media city were targeted. Osama Heikal, the EMPC general manager, described the incident as “unnecessary sabotage.”

Heikal is a former army general who was briefly appointed as the minister of media in 2012 before the position was eventually canceled. The armed forces helped save time by planting 14 extra generators inside the city to get the transmission up and running again, while most channels have uninterrupted transmission now, some still under blackout. Meanwhile the whole region is currently under maximum protection and surveillance.

The Egyptian electricity holding company announced it would connect the city electricity feed with that of the nearby 6th Of October City, a suburban area, until the towers are rebuilt, which will take seven to 10 days, and 600,000 – 700,000 Egyptian pounds each ( $78,500 – $92,000).

The media city bombing comes less than two days after the series of Sinai Arish bombings for which ISIS ally Ansar Bait al-Maqdis terrorist group claimed responsibility.

However, Ajnad Misr has no proven link to ISIS, mainstream state controlled media claim its allegiance with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, as result of MB leaders including Ahmad Al Mughair (Khairat Al Shater’s right hand), and Osama Gawish (an MB media man and TV presenter) constantly praising their work, and the timing in which Ajnad Misr formed, but the group’s leaders have denied any link to any political party inside or outside Egypt. Early April, Ajnad Misr announced the death of its long appointed leader Hamam Attia, better known as Abu Al Majd Al Masry who previously fought in Iraq and Sinai in group related operations. He was succeeded by Ezz al-Din al-Masry, and the group renewed its message by stating their mission that generally entails targeting Egyptian police and army forces.

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