Al Bab residents recount horror of Daesh rule

The people of Al Bab lived under three months of Daesh rule. They were witness to the daily violence of the terrorist organisation.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The six-year war in Syria has devastated much of the country and traumatised many of its people.

Life is slowly returning to the devastated city of Al Bab in northern Syria.

For three months residents were witness to the brutality of Daesh rule. 

"Anybody who shaved his beard would be put in prison. Any person who utters blasphemy would have his head chopped off. Until recently, dead bodies were scattered everywhere," said resident Marwaan Sadiyya.

Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) drove Daesh out of the city in late February.

Residents are now trickling back and trying to deal with the destruction and its aftermath.

The city is riddled with booby traps and explosives. Authorities have said many parts are still unsafe for civilians.

TRT World'Ediz Tiyansan visited Al Bab and has this exclusive report.