Al Nusra Front militant group breaks ties with Al Qaeda

Abu Muhammad al-Golani says the move to sever links to any foreign group was aimed at eliminating all excuses made by the US and Russia to bomb the civilians in Syria.

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Nusra leader Abu Muhammad al-Golani.

Abu Muhammad al-Golani, leader of the Al Nusra Front, told Al Jazeera Arabic TV on Thursday that the Syrian militant group has severed all ties with Al Qaeda.

In remarks made during an interview with the Qatar-owned television network, Nusra leader Golani said ties with Al Qaeda had been dissolved and his group would now continue fighting as the "Conquest of Damascus Front".

Their new "Conquest of Damascus Front" would have no links to any foreign group, in order 'to eliminate all excuses made by the US and Russia to bomb the civilians in Syria', according to Golani.

Nusra Front, founded in 2012 in Syria, was one of the leading opposition groups fighting against the regime across the war-torn country.

When the front was asked to swear allegiance to DAESH leader Muhammad Baghdadi, it announced loyalty to Al Qaeda following which the US listed the group as a terrorist organisation.

Both Al Qaeda and Al Nusra Front are currently on the terror list of the United Nations Security Council.