Al Qaeda kills Algerian soldiers in ambush

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for death of Algerian soldiers killed in ambush in capital

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed on Saturday killing 14 Algerian soldiers in an ambush, southwest of  the country’s capital of Algiers in the Ain al Difle district last week.

In a statement published online, the AQIM said via their social media that they killed the soldiers, “gained weaponry, ammunition and then withdrew safely.”

In the statement, AQIM said they executed the attack as a revenge for killing members of the AQIM. Last month the Algerian army announced killing 25 AQIM fighters near Al Bwakira, 120km southwest of  the country’s capital of Algeria, in which the group is active.

On Sunday, the Algerian defence ministry confirmed the attack officially in a statement.

"A detachment of the army was targeted by a terrorist [militant] group. We deplore the death of nine soldiers as martyrs and two injured," the ministry said.

Algeria has became calm for a decade after the 1990’s conflict with the AQIM.

An al Qaeda allied group Okba Ibn Nafaa, has been active along the border between Algeria and Libya. The group carried out attacks in Tunisia and was blamed for the March assault on the Bardo Museum.

Security vacuum in Libya created by the two rival governments paved the way for Gunmen, claiming loyalty to the ISIS which controls swathes in Syria and Iraq, to gain ground in the country.

Tunisian authorities said the attackers on the Bardo museum in May and Sousse Beach Resort last month, were trained in militants' camps in Libya. ISIS claimed responsibility for both attacks.

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