Algerian independence hero Hocine Ait Ahmed dies

Hocine Ait Ahmed Algeria's hero who showed resistance againt French colonialism dies at 89

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Hocine Ait Ahmed

Hocine Ait Ahmed the 89-year old Algerian hero who struggled to fight for Algeria’s independence against French colonialism and a leading opposition figure died in Switzerland, official sources said on Wednesday.

"This is a symbol of Algeria's independence as well as a respected leader who campaigned for democracy," a senior government official told Reuters.

Details concerning his death have not been released yet.

Ahmet was among the founding members of the resistance movement that launched an independence war against the French colonial administration in the 1950s and then the movement brought along with it  freedom for the North African country in 1962.

Following the county’s independence, he disagreed with the new government, calling it “undemocratic” and established his own party, Front of Socialist Forces (FFS) in 1963.

He was against the role of the army in politics.

Following the Algerian authorities decision to arrest him, over his dissenting opinions, he sought exile in Switzerland, where he lived up until he passed away. 

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