Alleged US air strikes kill civilians in northern Syria

Syrian opposition sources claim US-led air strikes targeting their positions in Atma town in northern Syria, resulting in civilian casualties

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

A US fighter jet participating in coalition air strikes

Updated Aug 12, 2015

Syrian opposition sources claimed that US-led coalition air strikes hit targets in Atma town in countryside of northern Syrian city of Idlib on Tuesday.

The air strikes reportedly destroyed an arms storage facility belonging to Jaysh al Sunna, a Syrian opposition group.

The opposition sources claim there are “more than a dozen” civilian casualties resulting from the air strikes. 

Anadolu Agency reported two of the injured civilians were taken to hospitals in Turkey's southern Hatay province. 

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on its website that neither Incirlik air base in Turkey’s Adana province nor Turkish air space was used in reported air strikes.

Recently, Al Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front has started to withdraw from northern Syria, leaving its positions to Syrian rebels, after a joint plan by Turkey and the United States to create an ISIS-free safe-zone surfaced last week.

Earlier in the day Ahrar al Sham, another Syrian opposition group mainly operating in the country's north, published a statement supporting the Turkey-US plans to create a safe zone in northern Syria saying it “will have positive repercussions on the humanitarian, political and military levels.”

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