Almost 60 dead in twin bomb attacks in eastern Iraq

Security sources say at least 58 people killed in two bomb attacks in east of Iraq

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

ISIS carries out twin bomb attack, one of them on a marketplace killing over 50 people

At least 58 people are reportedly dead and over 100 others injured in two bomb attacks that took place in eastern Iraq on Monday, according to security and medical sources.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, a second time after they carried out a similar atrocity last month, killing 100 people.

Fifty-one of the people were killed in a car bomb explosion in a marketplace north of Baquba, in which at least 80 others were injured. In the second attack, however, to the east of the city, seven were killed with 25 others wounded.

Police said the first bomb exploded as a car blast tore through the marketplace in the town of Huwaydir.

“A suicide bomber driving a booby-trapped vehicle blew himself up in the middle of the central market area in Huwaydir,” said a police official, according to AFP.

Another suicide bomber drove his vehicle full of explosives past a checkpoint after which he detonated the bombs, killing himself and several others in Kanaan, according to Iraqi police.

The blasts were the second deadliest in the region since late July.

Baghdad says it vows to better secure the region, and punish the culprits.

ISIS currently holds control over large swaths of land, equating to about one third of Iraq and Syria.

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