Anti-Houthi Yemeni militia claims advance in Taiz, Marib

Forces loyal to exiled Yemeni government claim advance against Houthis in Yemen’s third largest city of Taiz, Marib

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Emirati armoured vehicles are seen on the Yemeni front line province of Marib September 15, 2015

Updated Nov 10, 2015

Yemeni forces loyal to the exiled government of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi - backed by Arab coalition- claimed on Tuesday, achieving advances in the third Yemeni city of Taiz against the Houthi militiamen, moreover, the forces announced advance in the province of Marib on the route to Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, according to Al Jazeera.

Clashes in the city of Taiz have been occurring between Houthis and militias loyal to deposed Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh on the one side and pro-Hadi forces on the other since pro-Hadi forces had forced the Houthis out of the port city of Aden.

Due to the ongoing battles between the two sides, most of the city had been turned into debris.  

"The resistance and the military council were able to achieve victories across Gabl Sabr (Sabr Mountain), this huge cover that was occupied by the enemy, and that gave them access to al Amn al Markazy, al Qahera, al Muhafza and the northern and southern areas,"  Walid Abdoh al Sharaby told Reuters.

Pro-Hadi fighters captured two strategic hills on Tuesday in the rebel stronghold of Sirwah, on the route to Sanaa, an officer said, according to the Associated France Press (AFP) news agency.

"We have pushed the Houthis out of these two hills and entered Al-Zor," a rebel position near Sirwah, Captain Zaid al Qaisi told AFP.

"Coalition ground forces, mainly from the United Arab Emirates and also Saudi Arabia, are participating in the offensive," he said.

Saudi Air Forces have led an Arab coalition - comprises 10 countries - in Yemen since March 26 targeting Houthi militias to restore the exiled government of Hadi.

Last month, government forces retook Aden from the Houthis, who are supported by loyalists of Saleh, in a major setback for the rebels. Later they captured Abyan province also on Aug. 11.

The UN's World Food Programme has warned of a famine in the war-torn Yemen. Twenty million people in the country are in need of aid, 13 million are facing food shortages and 9.4 million are having difficulties accessing drinking water.

At least 4,000 civilians were killed since the coalition began its bombing campaign in support of the exiled government in last March, and at least 1.3 million forced to flee their homes during the conflict.

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