Approximately 100 dead refugees wash up on Libyan coast

Nearly 100 refugees have died in Libya since Sunday IOM reports

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

The body of a man lies on the beach west of the town of Zuwara, Libya.

An estimated 100 refugees have washed up dead in the Mediterranean, off the Libyan coast since Sunday, International Organization for Migration (IMO) reported on Tuesday based on reports from the Libyan Red Crescent.

The IOM said that the exact figures have not yet been confirmed.

Figures were based on two sightings of corpses which found near Libya’s coast, 85 bodies in one area and 10 in another, IOM said in a statement.

Libya has a coastline of 1,770 kilometres and for years it has been a bridge between Africa and Europe. 

Most head for Italy's Lampedusa Island which is 300 kilometres from Libya and more than 1,800 refugees were survived by six vessels on Monday, Italy's Coast Guard said.

People smugglers have taken an advantage of chaos in Libya since 2011 after the riots that overthrow and killed Muammer Gaddafi to increase their lucrative business. In exchange for high fees, they take asylum seekers on board old boats for the treacherous crossing.

A total of 557,899 refugees came into Europe, crossing the Mediterranean Sea this year, while 2,987 others died in their attempt.

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