Arab League reports 11,000 Israeli settler assaults in 2015

Israeli settlers commit 11,000 assaults since beginning of this year, Arab League says

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

House of the Palestinian family attacked by illegal Jewish settlers killing a 18-month-old Palestinian child and his father and wounder his brother and mother in an arson attack at Duma village near the West Bank city of Nablus

The Arab League said on Sunday that Israeli settlers have committed 11,000 assaults this year so far.

Attempts by Israeli settlers to enter Al Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem forcefully have unprecedentedly increased, said the Arab League secretariat in a statement on Sunday.

The statement came less than a week after a Palestinian baby was burnt to death by illegal Jewish settlers in an arson attack.

Al Aqsa is Islam’s third holiest site after Kaaba in Mecca and Mosque of the Prophet Muhammed in Medina in Saudi Arabia. Palestinian men under age of 40 from the West Bank still need permission from Israeli authorities to enter the compound.

Jewish extremist groups, often accompanied by Israeli security forces, have forcefully entered in Al Aqsa complex in recent months.

The Arab League also blamed Israeli authorities for helping Jewish extremists and settlers for continuing their assaults against Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.  

The Israeli assaults “run counter to the UN Charter, international law, and international legitimacy resolutions,” the pan-Arab body said and holding Israel culpable for “the crimes committed by extremist settlers.”

The league called for the UN Security Council and signatories of the UN Charter and Geneva Accords for intervention to stop assaults committed by Jewish settlers.

On July 31, The European Union urged Israel to take resolute measures to protect the local population and show “zero tolerance” against settler violence following an arson attack in the West Bank that claimed the lives of an 18-month-old Palestinian baby and his father.

Tension has increased in the occupied West Bank since Illegal Jewish settlers threw firebombs into a Palestinian-owned house in the West Bank, brutally killing an 18-month-old Palestinian, Ali Saad Dawabsha on July 30 in an arson attack by illegal Jewish settlers. His father, Saed Dawabsheh (32) later died in hospital on Saturday from horrific burns, leaving behind his mother and brother who were injured in the attack.

On July 31, 17-year-old Palestinian youth, Mohamed Hamed al Masry was killed after being shot by Israeli forces in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip during the protests against the killing of a Palestinian baby.

Another Palestinian citizen, Laith al Khalidi (17) was killed after he was wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers in the village of Attara in the occupied West Bank in same night.

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