Arab-Turkmen leader says Assad regime is behind YPG violence

Leading official of Syrian Arab and Turkmen Tribes says Assad regime responsible for YPG violence against local Arabs and Turkmens

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Deputy President of Union of Arab and Turkmen Tribes in Syria, Ahmed Abbud Joghani

Deputy President of Union of Arab and Turkmen Tribes in Syria, Ahmed Abbud Joghani said Bashar al Assad's regime is behind PYD’s atrocities against the Arabs and Turkmens in Syria.

Joghani said they do not have any problems with Kurdish people of Syria, with whom they lived together for long years, but they have a problem with the PKK terrorist organisation’s Syrian wing PYD and YPG.”

“It is the Assad regime who brought the curse of PYD upon us, the Assad regime which persecuted Kurds for years,” Joghani added.

PYD and its armed wing YPD controls several cities in northern Syria along the Turkish border.

When the group took control of the Syrian town of Tal Abyad last year, thousands of Arabs and Turkmens had to flee the region in fear of persecution at the hands of PYD.

Amnesty International said in a report in October 2014 that people in PYD controlled regions had experienced “instances of forced displacement, demolitions and confiscation of civilian property constitute war crimes.”

Joghani said at least 100,000 Turkmens and Arabs had to leave their homes because of PYD’s oppression.

“The terrorist organisation is committing the biggest genocide by placing the Kurds that they bring from other places into the houses emptied by them,” Joghani added.

People of Hasakah, Raqqa and Tal Abyad, which is at least 80 percent Arab or Turkmen, is trapped between violence of PYD, Assad regime and DAESH, Joghani said.

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