Assad ‘won’t quit under pressure’ amid Syrian conflict

Syrian regime leader Bashar al Assad claims that Syrian people elect him and only them to decide for his departure but not foreign powers

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Bashar al Assad responded to interview about Syrian conflict

The Syrian regime leader Bashar al Assad has said that he will not quit under foreign pressure in an interview with the Russian TV.

His latest interview comes as Russia increases its support in Syria. 

The world powers and much of the Syrian opposition say it is not possible for Assad to continue as a president of Syria in post-war time.

Assad said Iran was supporting his regime "politically, economically and militarily" but rejected that Iranian ground forces had been sent to fight rebels.

He said that the president "comes to power with the people's assent through elections, and if he leaves, he leaves if the people demand it."

Assad was re-elected as president in 2014 with 88.7 percent of the vote. But, the election only took place in regime-held locations and the opposition said the vote had no authenticity during civil war.

Refugee Crisis

Assad told in the interview that “terrorism” was the main cause for the refugee crisis resulting for more than 4 million Syrians to flee the country and millions more internally displaced.

He made a call to Western countries to "stop supporting terrorists" if they are worried about the increasing number of the refugees fleeing into the European countries.

Russia, also pointing to the refugee crisis and the rise of ISIS as justification for their support to the Syrian regime 


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