At least 700 Palestinian minors detained by Israeli Army

At least 700 Palestinian children detained by Israeli military and nearly 400 of them have lived in Israeli prisons under bad conditions in 2015

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

A Palestinian youth is arrested by Israeli soldiers during a protest.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner Society, at least 700 Palestinian children, ages between 11 and 17, have been arrested and almost 400 of them have lived under poor conditions in Israeli prisons since the beginning of 2015.

“The Israeli Army has detained 700 Palestinian children and minors from the occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank since the beginning of 2015,” the NGO said on Friday.

The NGO also added that several Palestinian children were detained after being shot by the Israeli forces.

Palestinian minors have continued to live in hard conditions mostly in four Israeli prisons namely Hishorn, Ofer, Megiddo, and Jafon.

Israeli forces killed 547 Palestinian children in total during massive attacks against the Gaza Strip in 2014.

The Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP) report underlined that 68 percent of the children who were killed were 12-years-old or younger during the Israeli attacks.

“Systemic impunity has enabled Israel to continue its oppressive policies in Gaza where children undoubtedly remain targets,” Khaled Quzmar, DCIP’s general director stated.

“The status quo is not sustainable. Without accountability, Palestinian children will continue to endure the worst of future Israeli military offensives and unending military occupation.”

Palestinian children have been subject to ‘’disproportionate violence,’’ in an environment where violence is escalating and becoming increasingly militarised.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said at least 201 Palestinian children were also wounded by Israeli soldiers or settlers in the West Bank and Gaza, just between October 6 and 12.

Striking report of UNICEF

According to an annual UNICEF report titled "Children in Israeli Military Detention Observations and Recommendations" released in March 2015, the treatment of Israel towards Palestinian children is a "violation of international law."

The report and UNICEF's Working Group on Grave Violations against Children pointed out that children had often been subjected to multiple violations throughout the arrest, transfer, interrogation and detention phases.

The report found that 162 children were blindfolded during the transfer process from the place of arrest to the police station, 189 children were reported being painfully hand-tied, during arrests, 89 children were transferred on the floor of the vehicle from the place that they were arrested to the police station.

The Working Group also revealed that 144 children were reported to be victims of verbal abuse and intimidation during arrests, interrogation and/or detention.

The report added that "these practices are in violation of international law that protects all children against ill-treatment when in contact with law enforcement, military and judicial institutions."

Concluded the report, it was said maltreating against the Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system "appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalised."


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