Bitter commemoration of International Women’s Day in Gaza

Palestinian women in Gaza pay heavy price from Israeli siege which has resulted in thousands of deaths

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

The picture shows Palestinian women gathered in front of International Red Cross building to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian women marked International Women’s Day in difficult conditions in the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip while millions of women celebrated the day around the world on Tuesday.

Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian woman on Tuesday after an alleged stabbing in occupied East Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses say the soldiers left the woman bleeding on the ground to death in al Wad neighborhood, east of al Aqsa Mosque.

“Women in Gaza suffer from tough economic and psychological conditions," Haifa al Agha, Palestinian Minister for Women’s Affairs said on Tuesday. "They are paying a heavy price for the decade-long Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip."

"Day by day, conditions of Palestinian women in Gaza are going from bad to worse."

A Palestinian NGO, the Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling, reported that around 600 women suffered miscarriages in the latest Israeli assault on Gaza.

Some 791 women lost their husbands during the war in addition to 34,697 others who were evacuated from their homes, the NGO said.

Israel blockaded Gaza Strip in 2006 when Hamas won parliamentary elections in Gaza Strip but the country did not recognise the results.

Almost 2 million people live with the siege threatening all aspects of life in the Palestinian territory.

Since 2006 Israel has conducted three deadly offensives on the Gaza Strip aimed at fighting Hamas but which have left thousands of Palestinians dead.

In late 2014 Israel launched a 51-day onslaught on the seaside territory claimed to be aimed at undermining the capability of Palestinian factions to fire rockets into Israel.

At least 2,322 Palestinians were killed, including 489 women, and around 11,000 injured, including 302 women, in the offensive, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Mariam Abu Doka, a Palestinian activist, said that women in the Gaza Strip are taking the full brunt of the Israeli blockade.

"Every March 8, the wounds of women, who were detained, wounded or lost their husbands, are reopened," she said.

On Tuesday the Palestinian Women's Union said that more than 63 percent of women in the Gaza Strip are unemployed.

“Gaza women dream of living in peace without wars and tragedies,” Abo Doka said.

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