Bomb attack in Bahrain kills two policemen

Two Bahraini policemen killed by Iranian explosives that hit their unit in southern village of Sitra

Photo by: TRT WORLD
Photo by: TRT WORLD

Two policemen were killed and a third was severely injured in a bomb attack that targeted their unit in the village of Sitra south of Bahrain’s capital Manama, the country’s Interior Ministry announced on its Twitter account on Tuesday.
The explosives used the attack are allegedly smuggled from Iran, according to the Bahraini state news agency (BNA), they match explosives the government security forces have previously seized.
"Early information suggests that the explosives used in today's terrorist attack are of the same type that were recently intercepted coming from Iran," BNA said.
Sitra is a majority Shiite village, however has previously been the scene for anti-government protests in 2011.
"A terrorist bombing targeted policemen on duty in the Sitra area, resulting in the deaths of two of them and seriously wounding a third," the Interior Ministry said. 

Five other policemen sustained serious injuries in the attack, according to the Bahrain News Agency. 
Bahrain survived brutal sectarian disputed that plunged several neighbouring countries into chaos, including Syria and Iraq, despite being rocked by Arab spring inspired protests in 2011 that was immediately contained by the government. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries launched a land intervention at the request of the Bahraini king in order to end the protests at the time.
Bahrain is a majority Shiite nation in spite of being ruled by a Sunni monarchy with close ties with Iran’s regional rival Saudi Arabia, the 2011 protesters demanded political reforms and better treatment for the Shiite population, and for the overthrow of the Al Khalifa monarchy.
Supporters of the Sunni monarchy accused Iran of fomenting and enticing rebellion in Bahrain.

Several key American military installations are based in Bahrain, including the US Navy’s fifth fleet, responsible for maritime security in the Gulf.
Amnesty International said in April of this year that the crackdown on dissent since the 2011 protests has continued unabated despite assurances by the authorities that allegations of abuse were being investigated.
Following several attacks by the ISIS in neighbouring Gulf countries in recent months Bahraini authorities have been taking strict security precautions across the country.


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