Bomb attack kills two Egyptian policemen

Bomb attack kills two Egyptian policemen and injures 29 others in Beheira

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Security officials stand guard at the site of a bomb blast at a state security building in Shubra Al-Khaima, on the outskirts of Cairo, August 20

Bomb attack targeting a bus carrying police personnel killed two policemen, wounded 29 others on Monday, Egyptian Interior Ministry sources said.

The bomb was planted on the side of the road in the village of Al Rasheed, in the Nile Delta Governorate of Beheira and exploded as the bus passed by.

"Two policemen were killed and 24 others were wounded, including two seriously," said Health Ministry spokesman Hossam Abdel Ghaffar

Alaa El Din Osman, the secretary of the Ministry of Health in Beheira, said that the two policemen who were killed in the blast,were officers Jahid Abdul Salam Moussa,and Sami Ibrahim Ali Ghazzawi.

Witnesses said that residents were trying to help rescue the injured.

The attack is largely blamed on ISIS,given they announced responsibility for the latest attack on Egyptian security personnel and buildings.

On Aug. 20, a massive attack claimed by ISIS incorporated a car bombing in the district of Shubra, in Egypt’s Cairo, ripped through a security building and caused serious damage to adjacent houses.

There were no deaths, but six people, mainly security officers were seriously injured from the attack. Egyptian officials argue that the bombing that occurred roughly around dawn on Thursday, was executed using large amounts of explosives, and detonated from afar using a remote control.

The bombing left a huge crater in front of the building, and shattered the front glass of adjacent building.

"A man suddenly stopped his car in front of the state security building, jumped out of it and fled on a motorbike that followed the car," the Interior Ministry statement said.

This attack comes one month after the car bombing that devastated the Italian consulates in Cairo on July 11. A bomb exploded in front of consulate killing only one person and wounding four others in downtown Cairo.

The car detonated on the move when it exploded in front of the Italian Consulate on one of Cairo’s oldest streets, according to the Civil Protection authorities.


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