Bomb attacks target hotel housing judges in Sinai

Two bombs explode outside Sinai hotel that housed Egyptian judges overseeing recent parliamentary elections, DAESH's affiliates in Sinai claimed responsibility

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Soldiers stand guard outside a school being used as a polling station after they closed during the second round of parliamentary election in Toukh, El-Kalubia governorate, northeast of Cairo, Egypt, November 23, 2015,

Two bombs exploded outside a hotel in Egypt’s troubled Sinai peninsula. The hotel was housing parliamentary election judges, the explosions killed at least four people and injured fourteen, said security and medical sources.

The hotel is situated in the northern city of Arish, where judges responsible of organizing and supervising the second round of the parliamentary elections stayed.

DAESH affiliates in Egypt, Wilayet Sinai (Sinai Province) claimed responsibility hours after the attack via twitter and telegram, "A brother ... seeking martyrdom hit with his car bomb the security force protecting the Swiss (Inn) hotel were 50 judges were staying only to be followed by a lion ... who broke into the judges' base with his automatic weapon ... then blew up his explosive belt among them," 

Among the four victims were two policemen, one civilian, and one Judge. Two other judges sustained serious injuries and are currently receiving medical care.

The incident is reported to have occurred as a car bomb exploded then a second blast hit the area about ten minutes later, according to state TV. Ambulances rushed to the scene, soldiers and police forces instantly sealed the area and surveillance Apaches were sent to scan the area from a bird’s eye view.

Security sources told Reuters that a suicide bombers tried to ram the car into the hotel's entrance. But police forces and hotel security opened fire at the car, causing it to explode.

People walk at the square under electoral banners ahead of the second round of parliamentary election, in Al Arish city, North Sinai, Egypt, November 19, 2015 [Reuters]

Wilayet Sinai previously announced that they will be exclusively targeting Egyptian judges.

Similar attacks in Sinai became routine since the rise of Wilayet Sinai. The militant group that swore allegiance to DAESH’s leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in October 2014. And exactly a year after, the group claimed responsibility for downing a Russian passenger plane over Sinai, the Metrojet plane crash tragedy that killed 224 people.

Specifics of the Metrojet incident is still under investigation, although the Russian authorities have confirmed the attack was in fact an “act of terror.”

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