Bomb targeted at mourners explodes, several wounded

Car bomb hits mourners of Houthi-used mosque in Sanaa, critically injuring 28 people

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

At least 28 people have been injured on Sunday night when a car bomb targeted a group of people in Yemen’s capital Sanaa while they were mourning the victims of a Houthi-used mosque attack almost two weeks ago, said medical sources.
Sunday’s attack left 28 critically wounded, according to residents and medics.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack via an online post.

"The explosion was caused by a car bomb which exploded behind the military hospital in the Sha'oub district in Sanaa, which injured 28 people including 12 women in a building where victims of a previous attack were being mourned," a medical source told Reuters.

The people had gathered to mourn after a car bomb exploded near a Houthi-used mosque killing two people and wounding six others in Yemen’s capital city, Sanaa on June 20.

According to witnesses, the attack was planned when Shiite people finished their prayer and got out of the Qubbat al Mahdi mosque in Sanaa.

Yemen’s Houthi militants had seized the capital Sanaa in September, taking control of several major cities, which led Saudi Arabia to launch an operation on March 26, including air strikes, in Yemen against the Houthi militia with a coalition comprised of 10 countries for what they called to intervene in the escalating sectarian crisis which has gripped the country.

The United Nations reported that tens of thousands of people have been killed in war-torn Yemen and more than 100,000 people have been displaced since the beginning of the conflict.


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