Burkina Faso's former coup leader handed over to government

Former leader of short-lived coup in Burkina Faso is handed over to government after taken refuge in Vatican Embassy

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Coup leader General Gilbert Diendere speaks during a press conference in Ouagadougou on July 25, 2014

The former leader of a short-lived coup in Burkina Faso, Gilbert Diendere was handed over to the transitional authorities on Thursday by the Vatican Embassy, where he was seeking refuge, government sources said.

A military source said, Jean Baptiste Ouedraogo former President of Burkina Faso, accompanied Diendere to the capital Ouagadougou's main gendarmerie camp in a military convoy.

"He has been handed over to Burkinabe authorities," said a judicial source.

Diendere, a former spy chief, was the leader of a week-long coup by Burkina Faso’s presidential guard last month when the interim president and prime minister were taken hostage. He said he had led the coup for the purpose of excluding rivals of the ousted President, Blaise Compaore from presidential elections, which will be held this month.

The coup lasted a week and the government took back power last Wednesday.

"General Diendere and his accomplices will answer for all the offences of which they are accused," the country's interim government said in a statement, adding that a "commission of inquiry" was already "hard at work" investigating the coup.

Diendere has been seeking refuge in the Vatican Embassy in the recent days, after the transitional government retook power again due to international pressures and protests.

Burkina Faso’s Prime Minister, Yacouba Isaac Zida has said that the government promised Vatican Embassy that Diendere’s life would be respected if he was handed over. Zida said he would be handed over to judicial authorities.

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