Cameroonian army kills 100 Boko Haram militants

Cameroonian army releases over 900 hostages and kills approximately 100 Boko Haram militants in special operation launched against group

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A Cameroon special forces soldier stands guard on the Elbeid bridge in Fotokol on February 17, 2015

Cameroonian Defence Ministry announced on Wednesday that Cameroonian ground troops backed by a multinational task force comprising with troops from Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Benin have killed at least 100 members of the Nigerian based Boko Haram militant group and freed approximately 900 captives.

Defence Minister Joseph Beti Assomo stated that they launched a special clean-up operation against the Nigerian based militant group Boko Haram along Cameroon’s border with Nigeria between November 26 and November 28.

Army spokesman Colonel Didier Badjeck confirmed the operation saying "In the course of this operation, at least 100 members of Boko Haram were killed. Nine hundred hostages detained by Boko Haram were freed."

According to local media sources, an important stock of weapons, ammunition and fags belonging to the DAESH terrorist group, in which Boko Haram is affiliated with has also been seized during the operation.

Boko Haram conducted bombings of marketplaces, mosques, churches and other public gathering places extending its military campaign above its main base in northern Nigeria, targeting neighbouring countries in the West African region.

They have vowed to retaliate Cameroon's government, as the country has participated in an 8,700-strong, Nigerian-led multinational force designated to defeat the group.

According to Amnesty International’s latest figures released on September 30, at least 1,600 people have been killed in violence committed by Boko Haram, since the start of June, taking the civilian death toll to some 3,500 in 2015.

Since 2009, the group has claimed lives of at least 17,000 people mostly in Nigeria leaving more than 2 million homeless.

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