Car bomb rips through Baghdad market killing at least nine

Thursday's attack followed Monday's deadly car bombing that was claimed by Daesh in which 24 people were killed in the Sadr City district.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A member of Iraqi security forces stands at the site of car bomb attack in the al-Obaidi neighbourhood, Iraq, January 5, 2017.

A car bomb exploded at an eastern Baghdad market on Thursday killing at least nine people and injuring 15, police and medics said.

The bombing appears to be the latest in a series of deadly attacks by the Daesh terror group.

Amaq, the Daesh propaganda arm, said a parked car loaded with explosives in the al-Obeidi area had targeted a gathering of Shiite Muslims.

A string of attacks and bombings in Baghdad over the past week, some claimed by Daesh, have killed more than 60 people, with violence escalating as US-backed Iraqi forces try to drive the militants from the northern city of Mosul.

Daesh has put up stiff resistance in Mosul since an offensive was launch in mid-October to liberate the city from the terror group.

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