Central African Republic continues blood diamond trade

Amnesty International says blood diamond trading continues despite persistent conflict, export ban in Central African Republic

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Men work in a diamond mine in Banengbele, on May 22, 2015 in the Central African Republic

Amnesty International warns that buyers of blood diamonds don’t care for the ongoing conflicts and export ban in Central African Republic (CAR).

According to Amnesty International, there are inadequate checks by diamond firms, and the government of CAR along with its militas are responsible for the persistent sectarian violence. This inadequate process is responsible for the rise of violence between firms.

Amnesty International conducted an investigation and prepared a report on blood diamond trading.

Almost 81 countries and major diamond producers came together and composed the Kimberly Process to deal with the funding of the blood diamond.

Amnesty International knows that if the Kimberley Process ends, there will be illegal and unethical practices across the diamond sector

According to this report, CAR was the largest exporter of diamonds until May 2013. After the Kimberley Process came into force, this situation could not continue due to its strict procedures and  ban’s.

Meanwhile, the report also shows that child labour is also an issue, with children as young as 11 working in unsafe conditions.

“If companies have bought blood diamonds, they must not be allowed to profit from them,” said Lucy Graham, Legal Adviser for Amnesty International’s Business and Human Rights Team.

“The government should confiscate any blood diamonds, sell them and use the money for the public benefit. The people of CAR have a right to profit from their own natural resources. As the country seeks to rebuild, it needs its diamonds to be a blessing, not a curse.”  she added.

Amnesty International stated that despite the two-year ban on diamond trading, it has continued mostly in the CAR capital, Bangui.

In August, the UN imposed sanctions on Badicaand Kardiam, the major buying houses,  for supporting armed conflicts in CAR to prevent illegal trading.

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