Clashes between Peshmerga and Shiite forces in Iraq

Casualties on both sides following fighting between Kurdish Peshmerga and Shiite Iraqi the Popular Mobilization Forces in Diyala

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Clashes between the Kurdish Regional Government’s (KRG) Peshmerga and Shiite Popular Mobilisation Forces erupted early Saturday in the province of Diyala, eastern Iraq, resulting in casualties on both sides. Both the Peshmerga and the Shiite militia fully support Iraqi government forces waging a war against ISIS.

Five militants were killed in clashes between the two sides, both vying for land in several parts of Iraq, though they were united against ISIS last year.

Clashes erupted while Kurds were working to dig a trench to separate the towns of Jalula and Saidia in Diyala, which angered the Shiite militias.

The KRG has control over Jalula since the defeat of ISIS in the region, while Shiite fighters impose control over Saidia.

The Kurdish military commander in the region, Mahmoud Snjaw, commenting about the continued tensions between the two parties following the confrontations, said "We don’t have a problem with them [the Popular Mobilization Forces], but we will not accept that they have attacked us."

Several skirmishes have broken out in the past between Kurds and Shiite fighters.

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