Clashes in Syria’s Aleppo kill 120 Syrian regime, opposition

Fierce clashes between Syrian regime forces and opposition fighters in northern Aleppo Province kill 60 regime forces and 60 opposition fighters

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Smoke rises while the Free Syrian Army fighters stand at the Karm al Tarab neighbourhood frontline in Aleppo.

Amid fierce clashes between Syrian regime forces and opposition fighters in the northern province of Aleppo, more than 120 -from both sides- were killed on Friday, a non-governmental organisation said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that opposition fighters had regained more than half of the town of Retian, as 60 opposition fighters and 60 regime forces were killed during the attacks.

The SOHR reported that “Regime forces backed by Iranian officers and Hezbollah were able to take control on Retian, [a] town north of Aleppo.”

The regime forces were also backed by Russian air strikes, where heavy aerial bombardment targeted the area.

A year ago, the town of Ratyan, 15 km northwest of Aleppo, was captured by opposition fighters, following heavy confrontations, where more than 200 pro-regime forces were killed.

Regime forces started the attack on February 1, and advanced in several towns; including, Dwer al Zeton, Herdantin, Tal Jabin, Ma’rsa al Khan, Nubol and al Zahraa, reaching Retian.

The regime advances enabled them to secure the road towards the towns of Nubol and al Zahraa.

Opposition fighters were able to retake control of the western section in the town of Retian; however, the clashes are still ongoing in an attempt by the regime to secure Kafria and al Fouaa.  

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