Coalition air strikes kill 10 DAESH leaders

Ten DAESH terrorist leaders, including ones having individual ties with Paris attacks killed by US-led coalition air strikes this month, spokesman for coalition says

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The US Air Force / Tech. Sgt. Taylor Worley.

The US-led coalition air strikes have killed 10 DAESH terrorist leaders this month, including individuals linked with deadly Paris attacks, said the US Army Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the US-led military campaign against DAESH.

"Over the past month we've killed 10 ISIL [DAESH] leadership figures with targeted air strikes, including several external attack planners, some of whom are linked to the Paris attacks," said Steve Warren.

"Others had designs on further attacking the West."

Abdul Qader Hakim was killed by the coalition attack in Mosul, northern Iraqi city on December 26. He played a critical role in DAESH’s external operations and had a connection with the Paris attack network, the spokesman said.

During the operations, Charaffe al Mouadan was also killed in Syria on December 24. He was a member of DAESH in Syria and had direct ties with Abdelhamid Abaaoud who was the suspected mastermind in the deadly attacks in Paris, Warren said.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud (L) and Charaffe al Mouadan (R). Photo: AFP

"Part of those successes is attributable to the fact that the organization is losing its leadership," he added.

Meanwhile, Warren announced this month that in late November, air strikes carried out by the US-led coalition killed DAESH’s Chief Finance Officer, Abu Saleh, also known as Muafaq Mustafa Mohammed al Karmoush along with two other senior leaders, Abu Mariam and Abu Waqman al Tunis.

The US-led coalition jets have been targeting DAESH-controlled provinces in Iraq and Syria for over a year.

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