Croatian hostage beheaded by ISIS in Egypt

ISIS affiliates in Egypt publish photo of beheaded body of Croatian hostage held captive since June

A photo of the beheading of Croatian hostage Tomislav Salopek held captive since June was published on Wednesday by ISIS' affiliate in Egypt, Wilayet Sinai (Sinai Province), on twitter. A full video of the incident is expected to be released soon.

A caption attached to the photo reads, "Killing of the Croatian hostage, due to his country's participation in the war against Islamic State, after the deadline expired ... "

A spokesman for the Egyptian Interior Ministry's press office said, "We have seen this news online but are currently making our own checks. If we confirm that it is indeed true, we will inform the media through a statement."

An online video was released by Sinai Province last week in which Salopek was seen in an orange jumpsuit on his knees next to an ISIS militant.

Salopek said in the video that he was 30 years old, was kidnapped from Cairo in June, worked in a French company called CGG which specialises in oil and gas geology, and was married to a lady called Natasha and has two young children.

The note that Salopek was holding said that the Egyptian government has 48 hours to release “all Muslim women in Egyptian jails” in exchange for his freedom or he will be beheaded.

Salopek’s parents called on French President Francois Hollande to intervene to help their son during Hollande’s visit to Egypt to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new Suez Canal.

TRTWorld and agencies