DAESH attack wounds Turkish soldier near Syria border

DAESH terrorist group attacks Turkish Army post in southeastern province of Gaziantep near Syrian border wounding Turkish soldier

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkey’s Oguzeli Dag military border post, which has been targeted in a recent DAESH terror attack, has been spotted in an undated photo.

A Turkish soldier was lightly wounded on Tuesday after a military outpost in the southeastern province of Gaziantep came under fire from DAESH terrorist group from across the Syrian border, according to Turkish local media accounts.

Turkey's military responded in kind and fired artillery targeting DAESH positions in northern Syria, media reports indicated.

Turkey, which faces multiple security threats from DAESH and PKK terrorist groups, is on heightened alert after four suicide bombings already this year, two of which have been blamed on DAESH.

Gaziantep Province is near the Syrian border and part of it lies just across the frontier of the DAESH-controlled Syrian town of Jarablus. 

In early March, DAESH launched a missile attack with eight Katyusha rockets hitting residential areas and killing two people in the Turkish town of Kilis, near the Syrian border.

The Turkish military immediately retaliated to the rocket fire, which is believed to have come from a DAESH-controlled area on the Syrian side of the border, under the Turkish Armed Forces' rules of engagement against the terror groups across its border.

Turkish security forces have conducted critical operations last week against DAESH terrorist organisation in Gaziantep, detaining four suspects who were allegedly involved in the recent terror attack in Istanbul’s Beyoglu District on March 19.

Gaziantep police department has launched an extensive investigation against the group’s network in the province, which has a huge number of Syrian refugee population, after the most recent DAESH suicide attack in Istanbul which killed five people including the attacker.

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