DAESH attacks in Deir Ezzor kill 120 Syrian regime soldiers

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports 120 Syrian regime soldiers and 70 DAESH terrorists killed in ongoing clashes in Deir Ezzor since January 16, as DAESH releases hostages it kidnapped over the weekend

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Syrian regime forces seen in an area near the village of Khan Tuman, south from the provincial capital Aleppo, December 22, 2015

Updated Jan 20, 2016

Fighting between the DAESH terror organisation and Syrian regime forces in the east of Syria has led to the deaths of 120 Assad regime soldiers and 70 DAESH terrorists since Saturday, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group (SOHR) has reported.

The group also said that DAESH released 270 of an estimated 400 civilians, most of them women and children, kidnapped at the weekend in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor.

However, the terrorist group rounded up another 50 men on Tuesday during raids on houses in areas captured during four days of fighting in the provincial capital.

Rami Abdulrahman, the head of the Syrian Observatory, said that the group has kept male prisoners between the ages of 14 and 55 for more questioning.

"Those who they see have ties with the regime will be punished and those who [do] not must undertake a religious course based on the group's interpretation of Islam," he said.

Turkey's state Anadolu Agency reported that the number of Syrian regime troops killed by DAESH on Monday was 57.

The terrorists captured a number of Syrian regime soldiers and seized a missile unit, three tanks and four armored vehicles during the attack.

According to sources, speaking to AA, DAESH also hit the Deir Ezzor military air base, making two tanks and three armored vehicles unusable.

DAESH has blockaded the city of Deir Ezzor for several months.

However, Syria's official news agency SANA announced on Monday that regime forces had retaken some residential districts captured by the group in Begayliya, close to Deir Ezzor.

Syria’s almost five-year civil war has resulted in the deaths of at least 250,000 people and caused around five million to flee to other countries.

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