DAESH carries out second chemical attack on Iraqi town

Three year old girl killed, 670 people injured in DAESH chemical attacks in Kirkuk in northern Iraq

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Three year old Fatma Samir’s funeral on March 11, 2016.

Updated Mar 13, 2016

DAESH terrorists have carried out two chemical attacks on the northern Iraqi town of Taza within three days, as with the latest attack the injury toll has risen to 670, Iraqi Turkmen Front said in a statement Saturday.

“This heinous action is a clear proof that this organization is targeting the presence of Turkmen in Iraqi territories,” it said.

Torhan al-Mufti, higher coordination committee secretary in the Iraqi Council of Ministers, said Saturday that a delegation of Taza met Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and discussed the security situation of the area in the aftermath of the toxic gas attack.

"There is fear and panic among the women and children," said Adel Hussein, a local official in Taza. He said a German and an American forensics team arrived in the area to test for the presence of chemical agents.

The wounded are suffering from infected burns, suffocation and dehydration, said Helmi Hamdi, a nurse at Taza hospital. He said eight people were transferred to Baghdad for treatment.

A three year old Iraqi girl who was injured in a chemical attack by DAESH on Wednesday died in hospital on Friday. 

"She died of respiratory complications and kidney failure... caused by the mustard agent used by DAESH (IS) in Taza," said Masrour Aswad, of the Iraqi Commission for Human Rights.

Iraqis bury three-year-old Fatima Samir, who died after a chemical attack by DAESH in the town of Taza, south of Kirkuk, on March 11, 2016.

Fatima Samir was among the scores of people hospitalised after Wednesday's chemical attack carried out on Taza, a town located south of Kirkuk.

Aswad has said the rockets fired from the nearby DAESH-held town of Bashir on Wednesday contained mustard gas, but other security officials said chlorine may have been used

Fatma Samir’s father told Anadolu Agency that he held Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi responsible for the death of children such as his daughter in DAESH attacks.

"Since terrorist DAESH emerged, our town has come under mortar and missile shelling for nearly two years. It is not a new incident," he added.

Turkish authorities strongly condemned Wednesday's chlorine gas attack in the Iraqi Turkmen-populated town.

"We are ready as always to provide the required support to our Turkmen brothers in healthcare and humanitarian aid," the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that the US-led coalition against DAESH had conducted air strikes on the terrorist group's chemical weapons sites.

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