DAESH cleared from Turkey's border with Syria

With Turkish military assistance, the Free Syrian Army has taken control of the area stretching from Azaz to Jarabulus in Syria, eliminating the presence of DAESH along the country's border with Turkey.

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A member of the Free Syrian Army is seen in the village of Tuveyran near the town of Cobanbey (Al Rai) west of Jarabulus after the FSA took control of the area from DAESH during "Operation Euphrates Shield" in Aleppo, Syria on September 4, 2016.

Updated Sep 5, 2016

The presence of the DAESH terrorist organisation along the Turkish border with Syria was eliminated on Sunday after Free Syrian Army forces backed by Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) secured the area stretching from Azaz to Jarabulus along the border.

The security situation along the border had deteriorated since the Syrian Civil War erupted in 2011. Turkey has long aimed to clear a roughly 90 km stretch of territory west of the Euphrates River in northern Syria to increase its border security.

The move marks a significant advance for Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield which was launched on August 24 with the aim of ridding its borders of the presence of terrorist groups including DAESH and the YPG.

According to Reuters, civilians are moving back to their villages and Turkish paramedics are transporting wounded FSA soldiers to hospitals.

Members of tje Free Syrian Army are seen in the town of Kandura near Jarabulus after they took control the area from DAESH during "Operation Euphrates Shield" in Aleppo, Syria on September 04, 2016. (AA)

The advance came a day after the TAF opened a new front against DAESH, rolling tanks into Syria through the border town of Çobanbey, the Syrian side of which is located in Aleppo Province and is known as Al Rai in Arabic.

On Saturday, 10 regions and an airport were liberated by the FSA. So far an area of more than 400 square kilometres has been liberated from DAESH.

It is not yet known if Turkish forces will continue to move south after the border is fully secured.

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