DAESH finance chief killed in air strike

US-led coalition air strike kills DAESH finance leader and two other senior leaders, according to US military spokesman

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

US-led coalition air strikes target DAESH terrorists in Iraq on January 20, 2015.

US military spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said on Thursday that air strikes carried out by the US-led coalition against DAESH have killed the terrorist group's chief finance officer along with two other senior leaders. 

Speaking in a Pentagon briefing from Baghdad, Warren said the group's Finance Minister Abu Saleh, also known as Muafaq Mustafa Mohammed al Karmoush, was killed in late November. 

"Abu Saleh was the third member of the finance network that we have killed." 

Targeting "him and his predecessors exhausts the knowledge and talent needed to coordinate funding within the organisation," Warren added.  
The two other senior leaders who were killed have been identified as Abu Mariam and Abu Waqman al Tunis.

Mariam reportedly was responsibile for coordinating the group's extortion activities while Waqman acted as an executive officer.

US-led coalition jets have been targeting DAESH-controlled provinces in Iraq and Syria for over a year.

"These strikes are an example of how we are able to decimate networks," Warren said.

In an attempt to curb DAESH’s financial network, the Pentagon started a new military campaign in recent months called "Tidal Wave II." 

The main target is DAESH’s oil revenue, however, Warren noted that it was too early to comment on the progress of the operation. 

DAESH reportedly generates millions of dollars in revenue from annexed oil fields.

According to an estimate from US defence officials, DAESH earnt about $47 million per month from oil sales prior to October.

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