DAESH-held Turkish consulate in Mosul struck by air strikes

Air strikes by US-led coalition destroy DAESH-occupied Turkish consulate in Mosul with Turkey’s approval, Turkish Foreign Ministry says

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

US Navy F-18E Super Hornet jets leave to support military operations against DAESH after receiving fuel from a KC-135 Stratotanker over Iraq, October 4, 2014.

Updated Apr 5, 2016

Aircraft from the US-led coalition against DAESH on Monday destroyed the Turkish consulate compound in Mosul in northern Iraq which has been occupied by DAESH terrorists since June 2014, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

It said in a written statement that Turkey's views had been sought and its approval given for the air strikes, which were carried out at 3am.

"Our country confirmed and was informed about all the stages concerning arrangements and the carried-out operation" the statement said, adding that Turkey would continue its coordination and cooperation with the US-led coalition in its fight against the terrorist group.

The US-led coalition launched an aerial campaign against DAESH in Syria and Iraq in September 2014. The United States, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are taking part in the coalition. Later in November 2014, the UK and France also joined in.

DAESH seized Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city after the capital Baghdad, in June 2014, before breaking through the Sykes-Picot border to create a corridor linking the group to its branch in Syria.

The terrorists also raided the Turkish consulate general on June 11 and took 49 personnel and their family members hostage, including the consul general. Turkish officials carried out extensive initiatives which resulted in abductees safely returning to Turkey after 101 days in captivity.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, centre right, stands with freed hostages at the airport in Ankara, Turkey, Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014.

In late March, Iraqi Vice President Osama al Nujaifi thanked Turkey for its continued fight against DAESH.

"Today, I found the opportunity to thank President Erdogan and PM Davutoglu for their efforts and Turkey’s role while fighting with the DAESH terrorist organisation, which is a common threat for all the world, the US and the EU. Turkey’s help is considerable and we hope Turkey will go on helping during the coming period," he said.

Nujaifi also said he was grateful to Turkey over its support for the people of Mosul in Iraq.

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