DAESH kills 5 alleging they spy for Britain in Syria

DAESH video shows killings of five men who were allegedly spies for Britain in Syria

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Still image captured from the DAESH video

Updated Jan 4, 2016

A DAESH video circulated online on Sunday showing the terrorist group killing five men who were allegedly spying for Britain in Syria.

The video shows that before the killings, the five men, who are introduced as "the enemy" and "apostates," confess to filming and photographing sites in exchange for money within DAESH occupied Raqqa. It could not be independently verified.

Before the shooting, a masked man with a British accent mocks British Prime Minister David Cameron, calling him a "slave of the White House," and "mule of the Jews" and says DAESH will "one day invade your land."

At the end of the approximately 10 minute video, five DAESH terrorists kill their hostages, shooting them in the back of their heads.

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