Dead Palestinians not to be returned for burial, Israel says

Bodies of Palestinian attackers not allowed to go home to their families for burial, Israeli minister says

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Women watch the funeral of 27-year-old Palestinian Mutaz Zawahereh, who was killed by Israeli troops during clashes on Tuesday, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem October 14, 2015.

The bodies of dead Palestinians which Israeli authorities have confirmed to be assailants, will not be delivered home to their families for burial, Israel's internal security minister Gilad Erdan said “the bodies of dead Palestinian attackers should not be returned to their families for burial.”

Gilad Erdan says there will be no funerals for “Palestinians who killed Israelis”, as those funerals often turn into "an exhibition of support for terror and incitement to murder."

Erdan spoke on Wednesday, after the Israeli cabinet had decided to seal Arab districts in Jerusalem and deployed fully armed troops in Israeli cities.

Erdan says the Israeli government will not allow the Palestinians to "enjoy respect and ceremonies" after their deaths. Erdan suggests that Palestinian bodies should be buried in distant cemeteries where there could be no “fanfare.”

Previous Palestinian bodies have been buried in the said distant cemeteries.

"The terrorist's family turns the funeral into a demonstration of support for terrorism and incitement to murder," Erdan said.

"We cannot allow this. We must do everything so that the terrorist doesn't receive the honor and accolades after carrying out attacks."

Palestinian funerals are often celebrated in tradition, as the dead are usually viewed as martyrs by the family, and so in large numbers, families gather to pay respects and bury the dead.


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