Dhale captured by pro-government forces

Southern Yemeni city of Dhale captured by pro-government forces, Shiite rebels flee city

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Coalition air strikes began in March in order to strip power off the rebel groups known as Houthis, an Iranian-backed group, and continued across Yemen on Tuesday.

The pro-government forces have managed to capture the city of Dhale.

Dhale was also well stocked with large weapons, ammunition and armoured vehicles, the officials reported.  

Footage from local Arab television networks showed vehicles flying independent south Yemen Flags.

The capture of Dhale is important for the pro-government forces and the coalition allies as it is the first major territorial regain since late March.

The United Nations estimates over 1,000 civilian deaths including hundreds of children and women during the conflict between March 26 and May 20.

The air strikes have targeted major cities under the rebel influence including the capital Sanaa and around port Aden.

The fighting continues as a UN based negotiation was adjourned indefinitely. Peace efforts have failed so far.

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