Dozens of Palestinian refugees killed in Syria bombings

UNRWA says 31 Palestinians killed in DAESH claimed bombings in Syrian capital of Damascus

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

A powerful car bomb explosion in the centre of Damascus on February 21, 2013.

At least 31 Palestinian refugees have been killed in multiple attacks in a southern district of Syrian capital Damascus last week, UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said.

Three bombings struck the Sayeda Zeinab district on Sunday, killing more than 80 people, according to local sources.

“While the toll of deaths and injuries is still being verified, with many still listed as missing, credible reports indicate that the explosions took the lives of some 120 people,” UNRWA said in a statement on Wednesday. “Among those killed were 31 Palestine refugees.”

According to the UN Refugee Agency, a six-month old child was among those killed in the attacks, which were claimed by the DAESH terrorist group.

UNRWA said that at least 28 Palestinian refugees, including 13 children, were also injured in the blasts.

“In the strongest possible terms, UNRWA condemns the perpetrators of this mindless carnage, which was so deliberately calculated to kill and maim as many civilians as possible,” it said.

According to UNRWA, there are 450,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria, which fell into a civil war since 2011 when the Bashar al Assad regime suppressed pro-democracy protests with violence.

Syria is currently in a full blown civil war between five main factions - the regime, the opposition, Al Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front, DAESH, and the YPG militants.

According to recent estimates from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the war in Syria has claimed the lives of more than 470,000 people.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights has reported that more than 180,000 civilians have died from the start of the war till January 31 this year.

About 5 million others took refuge in the neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, with Turkey hosting the largest number with almost 2.7 million.

Thousands are still pushing towards European countries which has caused a crisis for the continent and led to added urgency to find a solution to end the war in Syria.

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