Ebola suspected Congo hunters test negative for the virus

Ebola fear easing off in West Africa after three hunters in Democratic Republic of Congo tested negative

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The Health Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) announced on Saturday that six Ebola suspected hunters have tested negative the virus, lowering down the fear deadly virus is back in West Africa.

The DRC government and the World Health Organization (WHO) officials have earlier said they started an investigation on a possible outbreak about 270 km northeast of the country’s capital.

The investigation started after the hunters ate an antelope that seemed to be sick before they killed it, said the officials.

Ebola virus, which has a high risk of leading the victim to death, claimed hundreds of lives in West Africa after the first outbreak began in December 2013.

The death toll of the outbreak is a total of 11,005 only in three neighbouring West African countries Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, according to the WHO.

The first Ebola case in Liberia after months was confirmed on Tuesday and the second case on the following day, which drove up the fears that the deadly outbreak is coming back.

After a 17-year-old Abraham Memaigar was tested positive for the disease on Tuesday, Liberian authorities were on alarm, monitoring over 100 people to prevent a new outbreak before the second incident took place.

The young boy was buried the same day, but the news was announced two days later.

The WHO announced that it was still not clear how the boy was infected with the disease.


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