Egyptian muezzin facing disciplinary action

Egyptian muezzin has been suspended after changing words of call to dawn prayer

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

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Mahmoud al Moghazi, the cleric of the Nile Delta town of Kafr-al-Dawar, is facing disciplinary measures for changing the words of the call to dawn prayer.

Legal action against Mahmoud al Moghazi was taken by the country’s ministry of religious affairs.

He altered the words of the dawn prayer to "praying is better than spending time on Facebook", from the traditional call, "praying is better than sleeping."

There were many complaints against him and most of them were lodged by the worshippers at the Sayed Ghazi mosque.

Worshippers are accusing him of ‘’heresy."

He has been suspended pending an investigation.

One of the worshippers of the mosque, came on air on a TV chat show on Sunday night, and blamed Moghazi of being a heretic. "Because of his inventiveness we have stopped praying at his mosque," the caller said.

The cleric blamed the caller of being a sympathiser of the banned Muslim Brotherhood and claimed that the caller does not come to Sayed Ghazi mosque continuously.

Moghazi reacted to the suspension decision on TV by threatening to go on a hunger strike and appealed to President Abdul Fattah al Sisi to exonerate him.


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